About Us

Our Approach

The way we do business is just as important as what we do. Our firm is unique in four distinct ways.

Collaborative, Team-based Approach

In most law firms, one or two attorneys represent a client or work on a specific project and call on assistance as needed.  The integrated nature of our practice and the complexity of the projects on which we work require that our attorneys take a collaborative, team-based approach.  This enables us to provide a depth of experience that comes from expertise in multiple legal disciplines.

Legal and Strategic Advisors

We have found that our clients need not only legal, but also strategic advice.  We provide both. Our attorneys work with both small and large clients seeking legal advice to craft innovative solutions to complex, often difficult, matters.  Often our clients’ endeavors involve complex questions that mix law, policy, economics, environmental sciences, and engineering.  While we are attorneys, we are comfortable understanding other disciplines and integrating these fields into meaningful, practical, and actionable strategic advice.

Project Leadership and Management

Our clients’ projects and cases often require leadership and management of cross-functional teams and in-house counsel.  Our attorneys roll up their sleeves to help manage both the project and the human elements in complex matters.  We understand the structure and requirements of large, complex projects and frequently take the leading role as project advisers in convening and supervising a team of attorneys, consultants, and other professionals with specialized expertise.

Private and Public Sector Clients

We understand the very different needs of private and public sector clients.

In the private sector, our attorneys represent individuals, corporate clients, and organizations in complex and controversial projects. We work with both small and large organizations that need innovative solutions to often difficult matters.  Our private sector clients value our understanding of government processes and regulation so that, when they must address government requirements, we can translate their needs into meaningful government action.

In the public sector, the Firm represents local, state, and regional government agencies and community organizations in high-visibility matters which place a premium on intelligent media relations, a command of critical, technical and factual issues, and sensitivity to political issues and the unique features of local law. We appreciate that policy considerations are not always driven by the same financial and economic imperatives that affect the private sector.  We understand policy making at every level – many of our attorneys have served as senior government policy makers themselves – so we can help use the necessary legal tools to achieve our clients’ policy needs.

Our strength in part lies in the ability of our attorneys to confront both the public policy issues and the narrow legal and technical questions that arise in controversial or complex undertakings.