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Firm Attorneys Help Southern California Logistics Airport Authority Prevail in Part 16 Proceeding

Firm client, the Southern California Logistics Airport Authority in Victorville, California, scored an important victory on August 21, 2017, when the FAA issued a Director’s Determination dismissing a Part 16 complaint challenging the Airport Authority’s award of a hangar lease.  Firm partners Eric Pilsk and Peter Kirsch represented the Airport Authority in the matter.  The case was brought by ComAv, LLC and claimed broadly that the Airport Authority had violated several FAA Grant Assurances by awarding a hangar lease to a competitor of ComAv instead of to ComAv, even though ComAv had failed to comply with leasing requirements and demanded a lower rent than the other entity.  In a strong opinion, the FAA rejected all of ComAv’s arguments and found that the Airport Authority was in compliance with its grant obligations.