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FAA Declares Stage 2 Phaseout at Van Nuys Airport Exempt from ANCA

On April 7, 2009, Los Angeles World Airports ("LAWA") announced that the FAA has determined that a proposed restriction on Stage 2 aircraft at Van Nuys Airport is exempt from—or "grandfathered" under—the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 ("ANCA").  On March 19, 2009, Catherine Lang, FAA Acting Associate Administrator for Airports, wrote to Gina Marie Lindsey, LAWA Executive Director, and advised that the FAA consider a phaseout of Stage 2 aircraft at Van Nuys Airport over a seven year period to be grandfathered so long as LAWA agrees to exempt Stage 3 and Stage 4 aircraft from the noise rule.  LAWA had argued that the Stage 2 phaseout qualifies for an exemption contained in ANCA for restrictions that had been proposed but not yet implemented at the time ANCA was enacted by Congress.  LAWA has released a Final Environmental Impact Report evaluating the environmental consequences of the Stage 2 phaseout, and the LAWA Board of Airport Commissioners is scheduled to consider the Stage 2 phaseout on May 4, 2009.