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FAA Issues Director's Determination Regarding Pompano Beach, FL Airpark

On December 15, 2005, the FAA issued a Director's Determination concluding its investigation into flight training and other aircraft limits in effect at the Pompano Beach Airpark in Florida. The Director found that prohibitions on intersection take-offs and stop-and-go operations and time-of-day limitations on touch-and-go operations, "taxi-back" operations, and prolonged engine run-ups are unreasonable and unjustly discriminatory. While the Director stated that these limits have a negative impact on flight training, the basis for the Director's conclusion was that the City had failed to establish that the restrictions were necessary to address safety, efficiency, or noise concerns. Pompano Beach immediately filed a motion requesting that the Director reconsider his decision. This case is likely to have far-reaching implications, since the restrictions in effect at the Airpark are similar to restrictions at airports throughout the country.