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FRA Publishes Proposed Rule on Training Standards for Safety-Related Railroad Employees

On February 7, 2012, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) published a proposed rule establishing minimum training standards for safety-related railroad employees.  The proposed rule, mandated by the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008, requires railroad companies to create employee safety training programs and submit them for FRA approval.  The proposed rule applies to both passenger and freight railroad operations and requires that training programs include ongoing training for railroad employees.  The FRA expects railroad training programs to reflect generally accepted training models and to integrate “hands-on” or engaging training methods where practicable and appropriate.  In an effort to help streamline the approval and implementation process, the proposed rule includes incentives for industry training organizations or learning institutions to develop model programs that railroads may adopt with minimal additional FRA approval.  The FRA is seeking written comments on this and other aspects of its proposed rule from interested parties by April 9, 2012.  Comments may be received and will be posted electronically at under Document ID FRA-2009-0033-0001.