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Katie van Heuven Speaks at TRB Event on Airport Land Use Strategies

ACRP Insight Event

On April 10, 2018, Katie van Heuven spoke at the ACRP’s Insight Event, Forum on Challenges to Successful Land Use Strategies at Airports.  This event aims to build understanding between airports and planning jurisdictions to help define, implement, and evaluate successful, compatible land use around airports to enhance regional economic development.  The event featured keynote speakers, plenary presentations and panel discussions, and small-group breakout sessions.

The event convened airport practitioners and community planners with the intention of:

  • Encouraging two-way communication between airports and planning jurisdictions, and supporting more effective ways for them to engage with each other;
  • Increasing awareness among planning jurisdiction personnel (staff planners, urban planning managers, zoning board members, planning commissioners, elected officials, and MPO staff) of the unique characteristics of airports and the opportunities and challenges they bring for land use and economic development;
  • Informing airport practitioners on typical land use, transportation, and economic development challenges being faced by planning jurisdiction personnel;
  • Fostering better alignment between the mutual interests of airports and planning jurisdictions

Please visit the Event's website for additional information regarding this forum.