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Developing a Regulatory Scheme for AAM/UAM in the USA


Peter Kirsch’s presentation at the 13th Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association (WALA) on June 30th, 2023, focused on the legal framework for AAM/UAM (Advanced Air Mobility/Urban Air Mobility) regulation. The WALA is an organization that brings together airport attorneys from around the world to stay updated on airport-related laws and regulations.

Here are the key points Peter’s presentation discussed:

  • Federal regulation of ‘navigable airspace’
  • Defined – airspace at and above the minimum flight altitudes prescribed by FAA
    • 1000 feet (305m) and above in urban areas
    • 500 feet (152m) and above in rural areas
    • Airspace needed for takeoff and landing
  • Law protects private property rights outside navigable airspace
  • Distinguish airspace access/regulation from airport access/regulation
  • What about low altitude flights?

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