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Chuck Spitulnik Speaks on Railroad Regulations

Strafford Publications Webinar

On March 12, 2018, Chuck Spitulnik was part of a webinar panel for Strafford Publications called "Local Regulation of Railroads: Guidance for Municipal Attorneys on Navigating the Complexities of Federal Preemption."  This live webinar provided local government counsel with guidance on addressing the issues presented by freight and passenger railroads that run through cities.  The panel provided an overview of the federal regulatory scheme governing the railroad industry; discuss strategies for exercising local control to address safety, nuisance, liability and economic issues; and explore the challenges presented to local governments in protecting local interests in an area under predominately federal jurisdiction.

Learning objectives included:

  • What types of local railroad regulations are not preempted by federal law?
  • What liability factors should cities consider when deciding whether to establish quiet zones?
  • What steps should cities take to mitigate risks associated with the increase in oil-by-rail activity?