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Handbook on Public Private Partnerships in Transportation, Vol I. Competitive Government: Public Private Partnerships
January 2022
Navigating Section 163: A Guide to Facilitating Non-aeronautical Development at Your Airport
Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Airport Cooperative Research Program
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Firm-Authored Transportation Research Board Publications and Events

Airports Responding to Public Health Emergencies: Legal Considerations
April 2023

Transit Mega Projects: Legal Issues
March 2023

ACRP Legal Research Digest 40: Permissible Uses of Airport Property and Revenue
December 2020

Conference Proceedings of an ACRP Insight Event: Public–Private Partnerships: What Are the Lessons Learned?
February 2020

Public Private Partnerships: What Are the Lessons Learned?
July 2019

ACRP Legal Research Digest 37: Legal Issues Relating to Airports Promoting Competition
June 2019

ACRP Legal Research Digest 36: Legal Issues Related to Implementation and Operation of SMS for Airports
November 2018

Challenges to Implementing Successful Land Use Strategies at Airports
April 2018

ACRP Legal Research Digest 31: Preemption of Worker-Retention and Labor-Peace Agreements at Airports
February 2017

ACRP Legal Research Digest 28: Operational and Legal Issues with Fuel Farms
June 2016

NCRRP Legal Research Digest 3: Issues that Emerge When Public Entities Acquire a Real Property Interest in Rail Lines
February 2016

ACRP Legal Research Digest 23: A Guide for Compliance with Grant Agreement Obligations to Provide Reasonable Access to an AIP-Funded Public Use General Aviation Airport
February 2015

ACRP Report 85: Developing and Maintaining Support for Your Airport Capacity Project
July 2013

ACRP Legal Research Digest 17: State and Federal Regulations that May Affect Initiatives to Reduce Airports’ GHG Emissions
November 2012

ACRP Report 66: Considering and Evaluating Airport Privatization
May 2012

ACRP Legal Research Digest 13: An Index and Digest of Decisions: Compilation of Airport Law Resources
March 2012

ACRP Legal Research Digest 11: Survey of Minimum Standards: Commercial Aeronautical Activities at Airports
February 2011

ACRP Legal Research Digest 1: Compilation of Airport Law Resources
January 2008