Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards

FAA encourages airport sponsors to consider ongoing compliance with the Grant Assurances and other federal obligations as a part of airport master planning.  We often assist airport sponsors as they review and update existing airport rules and regulations and minimum standards in this context.  As our airport clients review objectives for allowing for a fair and competitive economic environment, we counsel them on how to ensure just conditions for protecting investments among service providers and how to remain consistent with industry trends and direction.  We also advise sponsors on compliance with existing rules and regulations and minimum standards.

Representative Projects

  • Assist airport sponsor with revisions to Airport Rules and Regulations, Minimum Standards, and preparation of new Airport Development Standards.
  • Assisted airport sponsor with comprehensive planning compliance review of all primary guiding documents, including Airport Layout Plan, Airport Certification Manual, Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) Program, Airport Emergency Plan, Airport Security Plan, Leases, and Rules and Regulations and Minimum Standards.

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35th Annual Airport Law Workshop
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