Legislative Drafting and Lobbying

In implementing broader legal strategies, the Firm has assisted its public clients in drafting complementary legislation.  For example, Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell attorneys have:

  • Assisted a client in drafting a series of ordinances regulating adult businesses, billboards, and signage as part of an economic development strategy for property acquired in a settlement agreement with a neighboring municipality.
  • Prepared development regulations binding on state projects under an unusual state authorizing statute for a client concerned with the local impacts of a proposed highway expansion project.
  • Assisted a municipal client in drafting amendments to its solid waste ordinance to conform with current state and federal law in conjunction with the renegotiation of a solid waste franchise agreement.

In the legislative and regulatory realm, airports and their trade associations reply on Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell to assist in developing and advocating the policy interests of the airport industry.  Similarly, transit authorities have done the same. These matters include:

  • Legislation, regulations, and policies concerning PFCs, rates and charges, use of airport revenues, airport access, and noise.
  • Securing favorable FAA interpretation of specific airport obligations and financing arrangements.
  • Advising clients on structuring programs to comply with federal regulatory and grant assurance requirements.
  • Promoting legislation and regulations concerning passenger service.
  • Environmental streamlining.
  • Supporting applications for international route transfer.
  • Securing legislative relief from burdens imposed by Safety Management Systems.
  • Securing congressional hearings on airport development cost overruns.
  • Securing revisions to regulations and FAA orders, directives, and policies to protect clients from unnecessary or burdensome regulatory requirements.
  • Securing approvals for innovative airline incentive programs.
  • Navigating the process for closure of an airport after the expiration of grant assurance obligations.
  • Commenting on, and participating in, federal rulemaking and policymaking processes concerning the panoply of airport regulatory issues.

Our attorneys are very familiar with congressional policymaking and funding processes and represent many clients in securing favorable consideration from Congress and in obtaining federal funds for specific projects.