Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

We have represented Clark County, Nevada—the owner of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport—for decades.  Our work for this client illustrates the broad spectrum of our airports practice and demonstrates Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell’s comprehensive expertise regarding the wide range of legal challenges facing airports today.

Among our more significant engagements, we have:

  • Supervised the preparation and approval of environmental assessments associated with airfield and terminal improvements at McCarran.
  • Provided strategic advice for reducing litigation risks and anticipating and minimizing project opposition to airport development projects.
  • Assisted with litigation and litigation avoidance strategies related to inverse condemnation and defenses of zoning and land use controls.
  • Prepared and secured FAA approval for an innovative incentive program to encourage carriers to upgauge aircraft.
  • Advised on the legal, practical, and regulatory consequences of the FAA’s proposed Safety Management System (SMS) regulations.
  • Advised on the management, use, and disposition of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands needed for airport development.
  • Successfully challenged (both in administrative proceedings and ultimately in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals) the FAA’s Determination of No Hazard for a proposed wind farm on the grounds that the agency had not adequately examined potential adverse impacts to airport facilities.
  • Assisted with the development of a voluntary property acquisition program for incompatible land uses surrounding McCarran.
  • Participated extensively in procurement efforts for airport projects, including preparing the bid documents, participating in the selection panel, and ensuring compliance with federal contracting obligations.
  • Provided continuing counsel on matters relating to noise, air quality compliance, coordination of development and potential height and obstruction impacts on airport operations, as well as general federal regulatory compliance issues.
  • Advised Clark County’s lobbying team on the potential impacts of proposed state legislation prior to adoption.
  • Provided comprehensive strategic counsel on the planning and design of a new greenfield commercial service airport and dedicated heliport.