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FAA Dismisses Complaint Against Delaware River and Bay Authority

On August 30, 2010, FAA Director of Airport Compliance and Field Operations dismissed a complaint filed by Aero Ways, Inc. against Firm client, the Delaware River and Bay Authority.  The complaint included allegations that when Aero Ways was an aircraft management company, the Authority had denied it the right to self-fuel aircraft that it managed, allegations concerning the Airport Minimum Standards, and various claims of unjust discrimination.  The FAA determined that the complainant had not been the owner or operator of the aircraft that it had sought to fuel, and therefore the Authority was not obligated to allow it to fuel them, and that the Authority subsequently did allow Aero Ways to fuel any aircraft at the Airport once it had met the standards for becoming an FBO.  FAA also followed long-standing precedent concerning airport minimum standards and unjust discrimination in dismissing the complainant's remaining allegations.