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Peter Kirsch Moderates Panel on Small, Medium Hub Airports

P3 Airport Summit

On July 23, 2018, Peter Kirsch moderated a panel on P3 investments at small and medium hub airports at the P3 Airport Summit.

The investment community has placed considerable attention on P3 investment opportunities at the largest hub airports in the United States such as LaGuardia, JFK, and LAX.  These opportunities will not always be available or may be too large or complex for some investors.  As a result, it is important not to overlook medium and small hub airports which can be enormously attractive investment opportunities because the smaller size of the investment, the greater cooperation of the airport proprietor, and the reduced uncertainty of the transaction.  Investment in these airports also carries its own challenges, including the greater need to educate public officials, the need to assess uncertainties in future traffic levels, and often the unfamiliarity of the market for these transactions.  This session explored—from both the airport proprietor and the investor’s perspective—how to address the unique hurdles posed by P3 development at medium and small hubs.  It also examined what facilities or developments are most ripe for private investment and what strategies should be used to attract interest from the public sector in these transactions.

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