Colorado Energy Plan

Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell represented an independent power producer before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in its consideration of Xcel Energy’s Colorado Energy Plan – a proposal to retire two coal-fired power plants early and replace the capacity with new wind, solar, and battery storage, as well as existing efficient natural gas generation.  The plan, which was approved unanimously by the Commission, will result in $200 million in savings to Xcel’s customers and $2.5 billion of investment across eight diverse counties in Colorado.  Xcel also expects carbon dioxide emissions across its portfolio to be 60% lower by 2026 than levels from 2005, and some criteria pollution levels to be 90% lower by the same year than 2005 levels.

Our attorneys engaged in negotiations on the details of the Colorado Energy Plan proposal and intervened in the Colorado Public Utilities Proceeding considering the plan.  The Firm is now representing parties developing energy projects that were approved with the Colorado Energy Plan, helping them to secure the necessary approvals, entitlements, and contracts.