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Energy + Climate Change Law Alert – Colorado Energy and Climate Legislative Year in Review

Colorado Legislature Makes Sweeping Changes to the Energy and Climate Landscape in 2019

Colorado’s 2019 legislative session, which ended May 3, was perhaps the state’s most active ever in the areas of energy and climate change.  The two most notable bills that passed this session are HB19-1261, which sets a statewide greenhouse gas reduction target of 90% below 2005 levels by 2050, to be implemented by the state’s Air Quality Control Commission; and SB19-181, which allows local governments to oversee many aspects of oil and gas extraction in Colorado for the first time and requires the consideration of environmental and health impacts when approving new operations.

Overall, Colorado’s legislature indicated strong commitments towards tracking, accounting for, and reducing climate pollution; promoting the adoption of electric vehicles; planning for the transition away from coal-fired electricity generation; and protecting disadvantaged communities during the transition to a cleaner energy economy.

Summaries of the key energy and climate legislation from this session are included in our 2019 Year in Review.

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