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Transit Mega Projects: Legal Issues


Firm attorneys Suzanne Silverman, Adam Giuliano, Ayelet Hirschkorn, Emily Eads, Christian Alexander, and Brandon Rattiner identify and analyze legal challenges that have resulted from, or are related to, the implementation of transit mega projects in Transit Mega Projects: Legal Issues.

Drawing on general research and experience, as well as specific examples from five mega projects, the digest seeks to introduce attorneys to the special or legal issues that such mega projects face, and to provide considerations and potential solutions by way of examples from past projects.
The five projects relied on in particular are:

  1. Colorado Eagle P3 Project;
  2. Transforming Rail in Virginia Initiative;
  3. The California High-Speed Rail Project;
  4. Sound Transit’s East Link Extension Project; and
  5. The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Project.

The digest includes lessons learned (successful and unsuccessful) from transit agencies that have overseen federally funded complex mega projects, such as insights from reviewing third-party contracts and intergovernmental agreements, FTA guidance, pertinent legal decisions, and other valuable references. The digest also covers lessons learned from the above case studies and summarizes legal issues these mega transit projects faced, including funding, environmental challenges, contracts, design, insurance, dispute resolution, and intergovernmental coordination.

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